About Our Classes and Programs

Martial Arts have been an amazing tool for teaching children to become more focused, confident, and disciplined for over 2,000 years! This helps them get better grades, have higher self-esteem, improves health & fitness, and teaches them to defend themselves.

Our Coon Rapids Kids Martial Arts program will help your child reach their full potential... and have a ton of fun at the same time!

Our Coon Rapids Adult Martial Arts program is for men and women looking to add fun, fitness, excitement and inner growth to their lives. Discover amazing techniques for self-defense. Get great workouts that work you from head to toe, make friends, and have a ton of fun.

Our passionate instructors will guide you through every movement... encourage you through every challenge... and give you all the attention you need to succeed beyond your wildest dreams. Be sure to take advantage of our Crazy-Low Web Special so you can get started Today!

Our Kumdo program is a blend of Korean and Japanese swordsmanship. The art of Kumdo is steeped in tradition and military based battlefield techniques. Its purpose is to enhance mental, physical, and spiritual development while delivering maximum damage to an opponent with as few movements as possible. Students learn forms, step drills, sparring, sitting and moving meditation.

If you want your child to experience enriching activities that help them learn and grow... while also having an absolute BLAST... our martial arts summer camp has you covered..

Kids learn empowering life skills such as focus, confidence, self-discipline, and more. They develop these invaluable skills in a positive, supportive environment that makes learning easy and enjoyable.

And, of course, kids have a TON of fun! Every day is filled with games, activities and exciting field trips that have them smiling from ear to ear. Call us now for more info and to sign your child (or children!) up today!

In our Coon Rapids After School Program, we pick your child up from school. That way you know they're in good hands from the moment school ends to the moment they're back with you. Once they're at our facility, their afternoon is filled with healthy exercise, powerful martial arts learning, study time, and fun & games.

All in all, it's an enriching, fun, and positive experience for kids of all ages. If you have to work late, and need a structured, safe and fun place for your child - call us today. We're here to help. And our passionate instructors are eager to help your child learn and grow. It's 100% Risk-Free so click to get started Today!

Gun ownership is an American tradition, but it comes with responsibility.  One in four gun owners have no safety training and this poses risks for them, as well those around them who may come into contact when unsupervised.  This may include children coming near to where weapons are stored or handled without supervision from parents properly trained in how to handle their own firearms effectively if needed during emergency situations.  This could could lead towards tragedy rather than self-defense outcomes.

Training ensures that gun owners are educated on the responsible practices for handling and using firearms, storing them securely at home, as well as carrying guns in public.