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Minnesota Star Martial Arts not only believes in improving the physical body but also the mind & spirit. We want to create a place of respect and honor for you and your family and our classes reflect that in every way. Martial Arts are much more than kicking, punching, and takedowns. It also emphasizes patience, practical thinking, personal development, and self-control. We also believe and teach that self-defense skills are only to be used to protect yourself or others, never to do any harm intentionally. While all of that is serious work and can be challenging at times, the most important things you'll always find at our academy are a lot of fun, friendship, and genuine care & concern - from the instructors and the other students. So get ready to give and receive a lot of high fives, smiles, and good times here because that's what we're about. For adult fitness enthusiasts/kickboxing beginners - If you're a beginner or are just looking for a fun and exciting way to stay in shape, our Taekwondo classes are perfect for you! The workouts are constantly varied, but keep you hooked at the same time. We offer modifications for all exercises making it perfect for beginners of all ages, shapes, or fitness levels or individuals who may suffer from injuries. What makes it so fun & interesting? We incorporate kickboxing and other martial arts into our fitness classes, so not only are you getting a GREAT work-out, becoming incredibly fit, and reducing stress, you're also gaining confidence, empowerment, and honing your personal development skills in the process. Both kids and adults LOVE our awesome instructors! They're passionate about martial arts and fitness and are excited about sharing everything they know with you. See you soon!

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